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Conference Venue

The Technical University of Denmark proudly hosts the 14th IFAC CAMS

The 14th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems, Robotics and Vehicles will be hosted within the premises of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). DTU offers modern conference facilities immersed in the lively university campus of Kgs. Lyngby. The conference will take place in the Meeting Centre located in the main university building.

Address: Meeting Centre, Building 101 A, Anker Engelunds Vej, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

Accommodations, Transport and More

The National Organizing Committee has made no specific reservation for hotel rooms; however a wide range of accommodations are present both in Kgs. Lyngby and in the Greater Copenhagen Area.


Hotels in Kgs. Lyngby

Four hotels are available in the neighborhood of DTU:


Hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers a wide variety of accommodations through hotels and short rental apartments. All major hotel search engines will provide you with a large selection of options. Copenhagen is approximately 15 km from Kgs. Lyngby and the two cities are connected by two train lines (S-tog A and S-tog E) and several bus lines. If you decide to get an accommodation in the city we recommend to stay in close proximity to one of the main train stations (Copenhagen Central Station, Vesterport, Nørreport, Østerport) to facilitate the commuting to DTU. The capital city is also served by 3 metro lines that allow a fast connection to one or more of the aforementioned stations.


Public Transport

The Greater Copenhagen Region is well connected by a strong network of public transport consisting of metro lines, short distance trains (S-tog), urban and suburban bus lines. If you are in need to plan your journey use the webpage/app

Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) is connected to Copenhagen city centre through 2 metro lines (M1 and M2) departing every 5 minutes.

Copenhagen is connected to Kgs. Lyngby through two short distance trains (S-tog A and S-tog E). The fastest bus connection between Copenhagen and DTU campus is the bus 150S departing from Nørreport station.

Kgs. Lynbgy is connected to DTU through several bus lines, which run frequently during rush hours. Busses 300S, 180 and 181 all leave from the platform in front of Lyngby train station.

The Greater Copenhagen Region is divided in zones, and the cost of a single trip by public transport depends on how many zones are traversed. The same ticket can be utilized to travel with multiple means of transport (metro, bus and train). The time validity of the ticket depends on the amount of zones, and it is clearly stated on the ticket. 

From Lyngby train station to DTU is a 2-zone ticket (DKK 24). From Copenhagen centre to DTU is a 5-zone ticket (DKK 60). From Copenhagen Airport to Copenhagen centre is a 3-zone ticket (DKK 36). 

Additional information concerning different types of travel cards and mobile apps for easy purchase of tickets can be found here.


Visit Denmark

If you are planning to conjugate business with leisure, and you are wondering what to see during your stay in Denmark then we recommend you to get inspired by these two websites: Visit Copenhagen and Visit Denmark.

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